• VO for Keith Jarrett / Charlie Haden CD

    I was thrilled to voice this spot for the Keith Jarrett / Charlie Haden album, "Jasmine." Two great jazz men!
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  • Political Demo

    Call 908-272-1954 email: don@donmcgee.com
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  • Radio Commercials Demo

    Sure, I've spent most of my career working in public radio. But I had to put two kids through college, too. There is dignity in all work. 908-272-1954 don@donmcgee.com
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  • Promo Demo

    Always like doing a read for a good cause. And, I'm sure your project is a great cause. You can direct over the phone. My home studio ensures quick turnaround. Call 908-272-1954
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  • Corporate Demo

    My work as a corporate video producer / director comes in handy here. Striking the right tone is essential. You can direct over the phone as I record in my studio. Fast turnaround. 908-272-1954.
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  • TV Commercials Demo

    Always glad to audition your copy. Call 908-272-1954 or email don@donmcgee.com
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  • Pharmaceutical Demo

    Lots of experience with complex medical and technical terms. Call 908-272-1954 or email don@donmcgee.com
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